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The Little Things

I’ve been looking for a set of cufflinks that embodies the whole Skinny Ties And Wingtips movement and I think that I’ve succeeded. Ladies and gentleman, I present to you Wingtips cufflinks from Sir Paul Smith.

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My Wedding Socks (Taken with instagram)

My Wedding Socks (Taken with instagram)

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Brown Wingtips

It comes as no surprise that wingtips are my favorite shoes to wear. So I will periodically post a few of my favorite pairs. This one below is no exception and coincidentally is also from Paul Smith as were the ones from my previous post on black wingtips.

Brown shoes are really versatile since they go with almost any color and come in many different shades. They’re the perfect complement to that blue pinstripe suit. You do own a blue pinstripe suit, right?


Black Wingtips

I would take a good pair of brown shoes any day over a black one. But the black wingtip is essential and shouldn’t be overlooked. Like brown, black shoes go with everything with one small advantage. You can wear them with a black suit although I don’t think that owning such a suit is necessary.

One of my favorite pairs is the Dip-Dye Miller Brogue by Paul Smith. They’re nice and slim just like the rest of your wardrobe should be and they’re a chick magnet. Do you need any other reasons?